About Us

Exhibit Better.

Exhibitions provide you with the opportunity to generate leads from large audiences, who approach you, giving you the chance to meet them face to face. This also gives you the chance to carry out market research.

motionfive design stands that will maximize the benefits of exhibiting. We produce stands that encourage interaction and attract visitors, giving you the opportunity to create that connection between you and your prospect. Our stands are produced intelligently, creatively and brand aligned.

Exhibit Smarter.

We are openly committed to driving down the costs of exhibiting and aim to be transparent in our pricing. We constantly seek to lower costs where ever possible, including those of venues and third parties.

With the use of our storage service you too can help lower the costs of exhibiting by re-using stands or previous components time and time again .

Exhibit Greener.

Our stands are designed to minimize our impact on the environment. We ensure that exhibiting works for both present and future generations.

All our stand waste goes via our Biomass Heating System to cut down overheads, and this is reflected in savings to our clients.

We also encourage re-using and recycling of existing stands and components where possible.

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